New Deal Descendants write to President Biden regarding the Jobs for Economic Recovery Act, Civilian Climate Corps

Passage of JERA and creation of a CCC would embody the spirit of the original New Deal and usher in a 21st Century New Deal, say descendants

U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt sits at the head of a mess table for lunch at Camp Fechner in Big Meadows, Va., one of the five Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camps that the president visited on Aug. 12, 1933. Seated with the president are, from left, Gen. Paul B. Malone; Col. Louis Howe; Secretary of the Interior Department Harold I. Ickes; Director of the Civilian Conservation Corps Robert Fechner; and Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace; and Assistant Secretary of Agriculture Rexford G. Tugwell. In the background are the young men employed in the CCC program initiated by the president as part of the New Deals Program during the Depression. (AP Photo)
  • Your new CCC could be expanded with funds provided under the Act.
  • Public health initiatives, like contact tracing and removing the lead paint that primarily poisons Black, Hispanic, and low-income children, could be bolstered.
  • Major infrastructure projects, such as fixing decaying roads and expanding broadband in rural areas, could also be accelerated under the Act.
  • President Franklin Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Vice President, and Agriculture and Commerce Secretary, Henry Wallace
  • WPA Administrator, and Commerce Secretary, Harry Hopkins
  • Labor Secretary Frances Perkins, and
  • Interior Secretary, and PWA Administrator, Harold Ickes



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